Referral Application Form

Referral Information

CNC MachinistJob ID: 2010117810

If the individual you refer is (i) hired by PDS Tech for this specific opening, (ii) employed for 30 calendar days, and (iii) not an existing applicant for this opening, you will qualify for a referral bonus. An existing applicant is defined as an individual who, at the time you complete and submit this online form, has already personally applied to this opening or is already under consideration for this opening by PDS Tech personnel. Exceptions to these requirements may be granted at PDS Tech’s sole discretion.

To receive the referral bonus, you may need to complete a Form W-9. Once the above referral bonus qualifications have been met, please allow up to six (6) weeks for processing.

Both individuals and companies are eligible to receive referral bonuses, with some exceptions. PDS Tech’s non-temporary employees and their immediate family members are not eligible. If PDS Tech has an existing contractual relationship with a company for the provision of candidates to PDS Tech, neither that company nor its employees, agents, subcontractors, or other related entities are eligible to receive a referral bonus under this program.

PDS Tech, Inc. has the sole authority and discretion to determine eligibility of any individual for a referral bonus and it reserves the right to change or discontinue these terms and conditions at any time as it sees fit. If you have questions about the Terms and Conditions, please send an email to